I’ve Been To MARBELLA (SPAIN) !!

So, as you may of noticed I have not been blogging for a while and that is because I have been on holiday woo!! I stayed in Marbella and it was fab. But now that I am back I will be blogging daily again :D. But for now here are a few of my holidays pics!!




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Daily Blog?



Soooo, this morning I was feeling very tired as I wanted my sleeping routine to change, so do to so I decided to stay awake all night because I had slept through the day but when it got to about 10.30am I was feeling extremely tired. The plan was to stay awake all day so I was able to fall asleep at an appropriate time at night however this did not pan out so well as I ended up falling asleep about 5.00pm because I couldn’t stay awake no longer. ARGH!! I did however do a bit of shopping in town at 8.30 IN THE MORNING (probably the earliest time I’ve been to town as town wasn’t even open until another half hour). I was feeling ready to go as I had made myself two bowls of cereal along with a smoothie and of course a cup of tea!

This is what I used to make my smoothie. I also added a handful of ice and a bit of honey 🙂

Trainers: http://www.office.co.uk
Black Skinny Jeans: http://www.topshop.com/?geoip=home
Black Coat: https://www.primark.com/en/whats-new
Watch: https://www.primark.com/en/whats-new

Denim Jacket: https://www.primark.com/en/whats-new
Blender: http://www.breville.com
Tan: http://www.fakebake.co.uk
Michael Kors Bag: http://www.michaelkors.com


Consistent Mornings, yawn…

IMG_5177 IMG_5237
The best and only way to start the day is with a cup of tea or hot chocolate. I don’t understand how people can wake up and feel alive without having a hot drink in the morning, crazy!! I am definitely a hot drink lover, apart from coffee, never been too keen on that strong stuff. This morning I had a “healthy” breakfast, which included some sort of vanilla yoghurt with crispy things. I should try too eat breakfast more often, as it makes my day a hell of a lot better. Although that is probably a psycological thing that I have going on in my head. Another thing, I never know what to have for breakfast, it is so dull. Anyone have any nice ideas?