My Gym Accessories

IMG_4502So, recently I turned 19. For my birthday I wasn’t sure what to “ask” for as presents and as a result of that I ended up with a dozen gym clothes and accessories (obviously not complaining). I believe this to be a bit of common shopping hobby now. I see a cute small, crop top and I will not hesitate to purchase it. However, alongside my cute gym clothes I asked for a pink yoga mat and some small pink weights. Therefore I believe it would be rude not to start using them (exercising, something I lack). I won’t go into detail the exercises I do because I bore myself but if anyone would like to know then feel free to ask 🙂



Pamper Night YES

So tonight was my favourite night of the week, which is pamper night!! Because I liked the chocolate task mask so much I decided to purchase another, erm 8 I think it was from Body Care today, in Leeds. HOWEVER wait a minute I’m nearly contradicting myself hIMG_8021ere, as before I said I wasn’t going to use face masks when I am in the bath or when I had just had one. Therefore after I took this snapshot I realised that the face mask has no need in this night.

As you can see from the image, I have my favourite Soap and Glory body wash, I have many, many of these in all different types. To be honest I think the fact I love the most about Soap and Glory is definitely the packaging, it’s just so cute and girly. I like the way it portrays old fashioned lifestyle. This one smells a bit like Vanilla, which I absolutely love. The smells stays with you for days, which is great because smelling nice is always a positive. I also have the Soup and Glory Body Scrub, Sugar Crush. I use this specifically to help scrub my fake tan off (nightmare) however since I have been using this item, it has been a lot easier. It basically has small grains of macadamia, smashed brown sugar and almond oil mixed together to give a ‘rough’ sort of feeling, as I would describe it. I can always feel lots of small grains, these help to rub against the gloves to take away the fake tan. I use this with the scrubbing clothes (purple). Absolute life savour this has been to me!!

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