Pancakes & Craft Day


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Microwave Slipper’s

IMG_6449 IMG_0242

Just how cute are my new microwave slippers!! AND they are pink too, which is always a benefit. They caught my eye straight away probably because they were pink but. I purchased them from TK Max’s and they were on sale so they couldn’t get any better to be honest haha. They only had a size Large left which is why I got the biggest size (I don’t have massive feet haha) but you can’t walk around in the them anyway because it blooming hurts!! They have small balls at the bottom of them like a bean bag, so it isn’t very easy to walk in. You put them in the microwave for about 2 minutes to heat them up and then they make your feet feel gorgeousssssss. 😀



Fabulously Cute Jar Set


Look how cute!!! Although these are meant to be used as jam jar’s, that doesn’t mean you HAVE to 😉 haha. I think my intention was to create some sort of jar mugs with them, by somehow putting a hole in the middle of them for a straw to go through then there you have it, a perfect jar mug!! I however wouldn’t put me down as the create type because I am too impatient, although I don’t mind being bossy and create, by that I mean telling someone how to create something haha.

I specifically love the jar covers and ties, I think it gives the jars that extra “fancy” look to them and if your that type of person then you are bound to find these cute!