Due to various reasons, I haven’t really stuck to blogging weekly. In fact I haven’t blogged in quite a while HOWEVER I am back and I am staying. I have missed blogging so much. I’ve missed speaking to my fellow blogging friends and staying up until stupid o’clock searching through the news feed. So, just a little post to say HELLOOO! I am hope you are all doing well. I look forward to hearing from you all on post’s to come.

Hannah xox


How To Have Long, White Natural Nails


Ok, so I have just realised that this whole blog post is about my long, white nails yet I recently painted my nails so I am unable to show you how white they are naturally, which is silly of me. But I promise I will take a pic of them once my nail varnish has eventually fallen off or I get sick of it and take it off myself haha.

Anyway, I believe I am very lucky to have such white nails, many people ask me if I have fake nails on because they look so white and long (most of the time). But for those of you whom may not be pleased with your nails then there are many methods you can try to improve them. Which is the best thing about all these “products” and “makeup” we have available to us!!

Step 1: Regally Trimming Your Nails
Usually use nail scissors or a nail cutter to trim your nails down to a suitable length or to the length you like. Whilst trimming your nails it is a good idea to make sure they are cut in a rounded short of shape, as that is naturally how nails grow. This also helps to stop you “bitters” out there from being tempted into bitting them because often if there is a rough end you will want to bite it. Another technique you can use to prevent biting is by adding a base coat because it won’t taste nice at all! It is also a good idea to use a nail file to soften the nail and to ensure there is no rough edges left. Cutting your nails regally can also prevent them from snapping because once they get too long they will start to snap if they are not naturally strong nails, which I’m sure you will all agree is irritating because then you have one small nail which doesn’t match the rest.

Step 2: Applying Motoriser/lotion
Just like the rest of your body, your nails need motorising too!! As they are used all of the time and are often washed a lot, which can lead to your hands feeling very dry. I know from experience of being addicted to hand cream. If you ever used hand cream then be sure to rub some on your nails and cuticles. I’d say logically there is no right or wrong technique to this part. Apply whichever lotion suits you best, it doesn’t have to be a nail lotion as I’m sure you can get a much cheaper lotion for the body.

Ideas Of Lotions:
– Look Fantastic: Perfect Hands Intense Moisture

– Nivea Hand Cream Smooth Nourishing (Best For Value)

– The Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream (This one is amazing, I own it)

Step 3: Avoid Wearing False Nails
False nails are soooo beyond bad for your nails and one day you might ruin them for good. I have heard too many bad reviews of nail shops in cities. I have only ever tried fake nails once and I absolutely hated them!! I felt like I was unable to do the basis day to day tasks, for example wash my hair. Everything was so difficult and annoying. I believe this is because I bought some of those fake nails from Boots, so I obviously hadn’t glued them on properly and they kept bending my real nail back, it was hell. I couldn’t get the damn things off either. I had to soak them in warm water for ages. Definitely not worth it. Girls go through enough stress and pain! Anyway, each time you wear false nails it ruins a part of your real nails and it is so difficult to get them healthy again.

Step 4: Avoid Constantly Having Nail Varnish On
Give your nails time to “breathe” as I like to say. They don’t always want to be constantly painted as the colour of your nail can change. Often nails can get infected and go a browny colour, which is called fungal. This is the most annoying thing about nails but often it happens to toenails not so much fingernails. If it was to happen to your fingernails, it isn’t as bad because they are much quicker at growing than your toes are. I am currently suffering from fungal on my toe because I tried to hide the problem with nail varnish!!! It only got worse. Don’t do it worst mistake!!!

– Canespro do a great treatment kit especially for fungal nails
– Purpose this from Boots: http://www.boots.com

Step 5: “Have a healthy diet”
To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I was going to even add this step in as I don’t really believe it makes any difference. But my friend told me she believes it does. Different opinions and experiences can help others though. I haven’t got the best of diets but have really white and strong nails… Although one point I have heard is if you have little calcium your nails can be affected by it and this I believe. So it is important to make sure you do have enough in your diet. But it’s still cool to eat chocolate and sweets hehe.



It’s Completely Fine Not To Wear Makeup


Every girl once in a while needs to be able to feel comfortable not to wear makeup for a few weeks or so. We are all human, we all get spots and none of us have perfect skin. So it’s ok not to wear makeup. Sometimes, it’s good to let the skin breathe for a while. It’s also a positive for spots. Once you do it once, you’ll get used to it and want to do it more often, as it makes you feel a lot better in your self and helps to build up your self confidence. Even, putting a little bit of foundation on or some fake tan to brighten up your face is better, I like to do this a lot. No one should feel the need to point out another person’s spots because they can’t help it, it is natural, they grow on there own account, when they want and we can not do anything about it. Some people have more than others, but that doesn’t make them “ugly”. I hate to see girls being pressurised by others or society to wear makeup because they think they look ugly without it or because they have too many spots or bags. I mean I hate my bags but I suppose it’s my own fault because I need to sleep more. But theres nothing wrong with putting a little cover stick on them. What I am trying to stress is, no one is ugly with or without makeup. Don’t get me wrong, I love putting makeup on because it’s like a little hobby and I enjoy wearing it as do many but to others whom feel they have to wear it, NO you don’t 🙂 Try putting on less each week to build your confidence up. Embrace your face and spots. Be happy with who you are!! AND… don’t try to copy these fake celebrity pictures, which are definitely edited ten times over. There makeup and body will look completely different in person.


Wide awake when you shouldn’t be :( 

Don’t you just hate it when your wide awake at some ungodly hour. It is currently 2.55am which is ridiculous but if any of you are currently at University then I’m sure you’ve seen times past this!! It is crazy, I can assure you most of the people in my building will be awake or out. It’s like a whole new world here at University. So I have just made myself some really tasty cheesy chips, I think I am craving these more and more nowadays, I just can’t get enough of cheese. Guys, this probably won’t help you sleep but it’s real tasty 🙂

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