New Adidas Superstars



Soooooo, I finally got hold of some Adidas Superstar trainer’s!! Eek, I have literally been after these for months and months, probably since last year! Every time I went to buy some either in the shops or online they have sold out, either of my size or the trainers in general. So as a valentine’s present I received some, hehe.

It is so annoying being a size 5 in shoe because I believe it is quite a popular size and therefore they soon run out of stock. Same with my clothing sizes, as soon something new comes out, it is guaranteed that my size will be out of stock. But not to put a downer on things because I have them now and I can’t wait to wear them and get them really muddy (not). I have literally been so cautious whilst wearing these because I’m sure everyone will agree that they hate getting new shoes dirty!!

TIP!! If you are a size 5 or lower then I highly advise getting kids trainers!! They are a whole lot cheaper, it is fab!!

These are from:

My key rings are from:
Purple heart –
Pink wheel –


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