Pancakes & Craft Day


One word… YUMMY!! As you might of gathered pancakes are definitely one of my favourite foods, them and cheese!! I think I must make pancakes at least once a week, which is cheeky. But to make up for it I have strawberries with them, you know because they “healthy” ;). I also made myself a chocolate milkshake alongside the pancakes and strawberries, which I think went really well. I know pancakes aren’t much of a lunch but they do a good job at filling me right up!!

Heart Bowl –Β
Pink Mug –
I can’t really remember where my tray is from although I think it is also B&M Stores.


I was in Manchester and I saw these cute letters and it gave me the idea to collect my initials and either paint or stick paper to them to make them look pretty, for my room. So me being me I picked pink paint haha (OF COURSE). They are from Hobby Craft, which is a lovely, BIG craft’s shops, which I have never been in before. The paint is also from Hobby Craft.


I will admit my Mum actually painted these not me haha. They did need several coats of paint due to the paint being so thin and the letters being in brown paper. However they finally got there in the end and turned pink!!



They look ten times better in pink :D.

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31 thoughts on “Pancakes & Craft Day

  1. Pancakes with cheese, strawberries and chocolate milk omg you’re making me feel hungry πŸ˜‰ The heart shaped bowl is really cute!
    And the letters look perfect! I am thinking about buying some myself too πŸ˜‰ you have really cute things ❀ xx


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