What’s In My Victoria’s Secret Makeup Bag?




As makeup bags go, I don’t particularly think that I have a great deal of makeup in it. I tend not to bother with eye makeup and all that snazzy stuff simply because I’m lazy but I generally would love to be taught how to do really nice, cool looking eye makeup without looking, literally like a clown. The items I do own however, I wear the hell out of them haha. One day I will venture out and explore other brands of makeup, I think we just stick with what we know and like.

(I am still trying to get used to my camera, so some of the pictures may be CRAP).

Victoria Secret’s Bag:

For my foundation I have the Wake Me Up by Rimmel London (of course), who doesn’t love this!? I have literally owned this for years, I love it!! I have two, one is Soft Beige and the other is Natural Beige and this is because sometimes I wear fake tan so my skin is darker than it was so I tend to use the Natural Beige when I have fake tan on so my neck blends with my face because I hate, hate, hate it when it doesn’t, drives me up the wall!! I may also use them both at the same time if I want to “blend” or highlight certain places on my face such as my cheek bones. I’d say this foundation is one of the best at easily applying to the face equally. However I would say the darker it is, it seems to be a bit harder to blend, for example my Soft Beige is much thinner and sooooo easy to apply to the face.

One of the things IΒ love about this foundation is that it has a SPF of 15, so if England ever decides to be sunny I can go out without applying suncream to my face. Which is always a good thing because I hate how greasy it is!! BUT that doesn’t mean don’t wear suncream haha. Obviously in hotter countries I apply a lot higher factors to my face!!

I tend not to apply powder to my face because I love the radiant glow this foundation gives me. I much prefer to be all skinny and glowy rather than powdery. Some don’t but I do :).

You can purchase this here:

You can also purchase the brushes here:

I have only recently started using Sugar Bomb by Benefit because I have never been very keen on applying blusher to my face because I try my hardest to get rid of my rosey cheeks haha. However lately I have gotten more into “contouring” and using different types of blushers. But the one I use the most is the Sugar Bomb by Benefit. It is the perfect size for my makeup bag and it comes with a tiny brush that fits into the actual box. Alongside the Sugar Bomb I use the define and contour kit by Seventeen.

When I am wearing fake tan I also enjoy using the Mac Medium (A83) Deep finishing touch. As this is quite dark I only tend to use it when the rest of my body is dark. I like to use this for highlighting my cheek bones. Although it is only in medium it does come out quite dark on your face so it is best not to use too much at a time. I did that once and when I got outside my face looked completely different, don’t you just hate that when you think you look really good inside and then you get into a better light and your face looks shockingly bad 😦 haha.

Sugar Bomb:

Mac Finishing Touch:

Seventeen Contour Kit Β£4.99!!!:


Β Here is my Eyebrow’s Routine:Β http://hannahjade.co.uk/2015/04/22/eyebrows-are-sisters-not-twins-routine/

Seventeen Brow Kit:

Eye Brow Razor:

Mac EyeBrow Pencil:


I felt I needed something to help me get out of bed in a morning so I purchased the Simple Eyes Soothing Eye Balm. You apply a small amount under both eyes (not in the actual eye lol) and rub it in until it’s completely rubbed in. It gives your eyes a cold sort of feeling which is really what you need in a morning to wake yourself up. Before I use this I will wash my face with COLD water. By that time I am usually feeling more awake. It is great and ‘simple’ to use.

Simple Soothing Eye Balm:

Wake Me Up Rimmel London & Hide The Blemishes Concealer:

Mac Mascara:
Natural Collection Eyeliner:

Random bits & bobs.

Mac Lipstick Candy Yum-Yum:

Olay Face Cream (BEAUTY!):

Then I might look a little like this…



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