Another Metallic Tattoo 

In the picture the tattoo looks fab but yet again it came off within hours and certainly wasn’t there the next day 😦 What a waste!! I know they were only cheap (like £3.00) offline but you’d think they’d stay on for at least a day. Such a disappointment. I will definitely be spending maybe a little more on them so they last, especially when I’m on my holiday!!! Anyone have any recommendations?? 🙂


15 thoughts on “Another Metallic Tattoo 

      • For me…I don’t like permanent things. I wouldn’t say I’d never. My kids have been wanting me to get one with them. As of now, I am still hesitant! Hahaha. I do permanent cosmetics. I concentrate on people that have motor skills issues or disabilities making it difficult for them to draw brows or do eyeliner; or can’t grow hair; I will do eyebrows. (because we know eyebrows frame the face!) And I do them very naturally. I will leave body art to others. I don’t think I’d want to see the same tattoo everyday either! 🙂


      • Yeah me too, I would never get one though 😦 I just wouldn’t be able to cope if i didn’t like it haha because you never know how it is going to turn out!! Awwwh, thats nice!! I like eyebrow tattoo’s, I mean for when I’m older. My aunt has it done!! x

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