Eyebrow’s Are Sister’s Not Twin’s Routine


Hey guys, so I have had quite a few questions about my eyebrows (no idea why haha) so I thought I would try to do a step by step guide on how I like to do them (Like the being the key word).


Ok so your going to be starting off with a plain, untouched eyebrow haha. Oh, before I start my eyebrows DO need plucking as they are not looking too perfect :(.

I like to do my eyebrows before I apply my foundation and other pieces of makeup because I feel it makes them stand out better and the colours blends in soo much better! However I will apply some Olay face cream beforehand, as a starter.

I know I know it is a “razor” and you shouldn’t use it to shave your eyebrows but I don’t shave them as such haha. I simply use this to shape the brow at the corner, I do not shave the whole thing. Or I may shave the odd one at the bottom if I really can’t be bothered going to get them plucked because I really hate it and never do it. Which is why I am glad the “big eyebrow” look is back!! Less plucking needed haha.

I will then shape the eyebrow, yes even more using my eyebrow brush. I usually use the thicker brushy side to shape the whole thing in a sort of rounded affect when you get the important (duh duh) bend. I will then use the other side to push down the top of the brow nearest to the eye. I would usually cut it down but I have gone wrong so many times and lost part of my brow I tend not to go near. Eyebrows are such a pain. However said makeup was fun. Kidding!!

Ok, so it doesn’t really look any different but in ways it is once you have shaped it ready for filling.

To cover up the messy brows hehe I will use this underneath using a eyeshadow brush (random but it works)! I will also apply some on top of the brow to ensure the colour is well matched and blended. If I feel it needs more I will use a different cover up stick that I use for underneath my eyes (Rimmel London Ivory).

Then… get filling!! Ensuring that you follow the way your eyebrows are going, in my case it is up so I will use my pencil to follow the brows up, this is simply to ensure the colour is not sooooooo heavy. I still haven’t learnt the trick of “blending” the eyebrow probably because I can’t be bothered and I am quite happy with the whole eyebrow looking the same colour to be honest haha.

I couldn’t tell you what colour this pencil is because its gone 😦 it is a Mac pencil and it is definitely the best item I have purchased, they are great. Not too thick or thin. Actually, I had my makeup done my Mac as Christmas present from my Brother and I have money to choose some items and this was one of them and I still have it!!! I use it everyday. I’m so scared of it running out though haha. For what they are they are well priced. But I would advice to ask one of the lovely ladies to match your brow to one of the pencils.

For the corner of the brows I will use this eyebrow kit simply because I find the technique is better. The brush is extremely thin and the colours are different. Mastering eyebrows is a tricky job. Mine always look different every time, but it is completely normal so don’t stress (like I used too). By this point I usually have too much colour on my brows so I will get my brow brush and brush over them to take some of the colour away.

When you apply your foundation the colour seems to fade anyway so it looks so much better for your face.

Then my outcome (hopefully) is usually like this. I know I am blonde but I am naturally brown so my brows are dark!! I can’t change the colour of them to blonde. Don’t you just hate that “omg your brows are too dark”. Blah, have whatever brows you want!! Ignore others.

Hope you enjoyed πŸ™‚

Items Used:
Razor –Β http://www.boots.com
Olay Face Cream –Β http://www.olay.co.uk/en-gb
Rimmel London Concealer –Β http://uk.rimmellondon.com
Avon Brow Brush –Β https://www.avon.com
Mac Eyebrow Pencil –Β http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk
Seventeen Eyebrow Kit –Β http://www.seventeen.com


26 thoughts on “Eyebrow’s Are Sister’s Not Twin’s Routine

  1. I’ve wanted to do this on my page but wanted to make it easy for my viewers to understand. This tutorial made sense and was easy to follow. 😊 Be sure to have a look at my blog and follow please.


      • They are? That’s great πŸ™‚ Since I started to use nail oil and the garlic treatment mine have also got stronger/longer. Thumbs up for that πŸ˜‰ x


      • Yes it is!:) It hurts so bad if you hit them against something. But that means they’re too long πŸ˜‰ . Yes i have, I actually do peoples nails haha πŸ™‚ I have my final test this friday so keep a thumbs up for me ? πŸ˜‰ x


      • I’m about to go to the salon to do the test tomorrow :). But it’s my teachers salon so I don’t have my own yet πŸ™‚ I do the nails at home right now.


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