Spa Day in Nottingham & Cute Lunch Pack


I had a lovely spa weekend away with my Sister at the weekend!! I didn’t take any pictures, which I am annoyed about because I forgot my camera (left it in the car, realised when I was already in my bikini). But I had my first ever massage, which I thought would tickle and stuff but I didn’t and it was fabulous!! Will definitely be doing another one :p.

White Blazer:
Turtle Necked Top:
Ankle Tights:


HOW CUTE is my new lunch pack. Haha, I obese over these kind of things too much!!
It is from a online company only:

* £4.00 !!!! *
I have many items from this website, it is just too cute.

I also tried (tried being the word) to apply one of those metallic gold tattoos that I bought although they didn’t stay on for never long 😦 Maybe because I went to the spa the next day I’m not sure but they faded too quickly as you can tell in the picture. 😦 😦 😦 But when I first applied it, it looked super pretty and I can’t wait to apply more in the summer on the beach.
Although I am thinking of spending maybe a little more money on them for better quality maybe from…


(Yes me and my Sister forgot to put our towels back nicely hahaha)



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