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Look what has arrived!! My Breville Active blender. I was super happy to receive it and eager to open it as I have been wanting one for quite some time now. I was very satisfied with it, especially as it comes with two bottles, which means I don’t have to keep washing the same one and I can have two in one day, maybe at breakfast and one through the day.

So today I made my first smoothie, which to be honest was dreadful. I wasn’t too sure how much of each to put product to put it, so I did the “guessing game” method. Little did I know afterwards I read the instructions where it already had a page full of directions and ingrediants for smoothies and protein shakes, ah. Now I know though ey haha! I thought that also was really handy for people like me haha. However was getting more and more angry because I kept dropping things all of my floor and the milk came out too quickly, gosh I hate it when that happens, so that too went all over my floor and desk. It wasn’t going too well for my first ever smoothie making session. I thought it would be easier, haha. Then I didn’t understand that you had to turn bottle around before blending, which I find rather annoying because all of the shake goes to the top, so when you can’t the blade off to put the lid on, some of it may still be stuck to the top (although this is because I hadn’t added enough milk/yoghurt argh). After all that my first smoothie tasted GOOD!! Although the bottles are quite thin, I find them a good size for people like me as I don’ eat or drink a lot (Didn’t manage to drink all of the smoothie).

I am looking forward to using these each morning to take too University with me for my breakfast. I found with other blenders, they don’t come with the bottle as the actually blender, you have to pour it in something else but with this one you simply take the blender off and swap it for a lid and there you have it. You then don’t have the struggles of cleaning the big blender at the bottom, I used to hate doing that!! Anyway, I think smoothies are such a great breakfast because they are fast and they ensure that you are getting a healthy and balanced breakfast because… breakfast is the most important meal of the day 😉 says adults. I do feel much better throughout the day if I have had something for breakfast though, so maybe it’s true. I would definitely advice anyone who likes smoothies and wants a blender to purchase this one or one like it!

I used:
– Frozen berries, cherries & grapes
– 1 copped banana
– “Handful of ice”
– Quarter pint of milk (had no yoghurt)
– Porridge oats

My favourite part is… It came out a pink colour!!!
£20.00 !!! Bargin.


26 thoughts on “Breville Active

  1. Oh gosh hahahah sounds like you had a hard time!! It sounds like something i would do though i drop everything when I’m trying to cook its so annoying!! but i love smoothies mmm! this would looks so yummy i could eat one right now. i hope you enjoy using it, looks great 🙂

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  2. thats sweet, bless you your so honest thats why i love your blog so much 😀 love reading your funny stories. looks so nice though, i have one of these are they good but i know what you mean about the lid xxxx


      • I do! 🙂 I really love ones with a bunch of berries since it just adds a lot more flavour! I’ve tried to add banana, since many recipes use them, but I’ve felt like it just drowns all the flavour out! I’m looking forward to trying more recipes soon! 🙂


      • this one definitely had flavour thanks to the berries! its the first one ive tried with berries. i know what you mean! oh so do you have a blender already? what kind do you have? you too 🙂 feel free to share some good ones with me! x


      • Aaah of course I will let you know definetly! I’ve really been quite bad and kind of just thrown a bunch of random things together, but I’m really looking for some amazing recipes to try! I currently borrow my sister’s when I make them, but I would love getting my own sometime soon! I believe she has the Bella Rocket Blender, or at least I believe that’s what it’s called! I absolutley love making them! 🙂 xx


  3. I have one of these and I love it! My favourite smoothie is apple, banana, raspberry, milk, mango yoghurt, honey and a little bit of cinnamon 🙂
    ~ The Mechanic x


  4. Just by looking at your first photo, I was excited for you to use these. I’ve been wanting to get the same too but wasn’t sure if the quality of it was good. But thanks for sharing your views about it 🙂 The pink drink looks good though 😀


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