Braces are not as bad as you think :)


I often get quite a lot of questions relating to my braces, so I thought I’d do a little blog about them. Braces are definitely not as bad as most people think (if you don’t have them). At first I was a nervous wreck and I wasn’t planning on going through with it because I thought they would be awful and hurt me all the time however that is not the case.

My brace experience:
I first for my braces put on around September 2014 time, so I have had them on a good 6 and a bit months now. I went along to the orthodontist with my mum to get them put on, I fully prepared myself for this, I think I even made sure I had, had a pamper night the night before and ensured my tan was on because I think I feel much better if I am clean and looking like I want to look, which may sound weird but I’m sure some of you feel the same. Oh, I also made sure I had a big tea the night before and ate lots of sweets etc. When I got there, I had to wait in the waiting room for around 20 minutes, which put my stomach into bits but once I was in there and I asked them the questions I wanted to know, which were mainly can I still swallow whilst you are putting the braces on and of course they said yes. Although I had to wear this mouth opener thing I was still able to swallow, which was great because I struggle at the dentist when I can’t swallow properly, makes me soooo nervous. Anyway, once that was out of the way and I had calmed down from knowing the answer, they started to clean my teeth and put glue on them, which was fine. It took around 35 minutes to do both the, top and bottom teeth, which wasn’t too long but time went very quickly! You got to pick the colour you wanted and I of course picked pink.

At first my teeth were fine, they didn’t really feel any different apart from knowing there was big mental things in your mouth. A few hours past of eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and my teeth began to hurt and feel as if someone is trying to pull them out. This is simply because your teeth are trying to get used to what has happened but this is normal and can take a few days to pass. I’d say the next day when I woke up I was upset because the pain was worse and I couldn’t really eat anything besides, soup etc. So off to the shop I went to find things I could eat for example:
– soup
– cup a soup
– angel delight
– pot noodles
– cake? soft cake
– yoghurts
– cereal with a hell of a lot of milk on
– pasta with sauce
– ice cream
– spagetti & sausage
– mash
– smoothies

I had two teeth right at the back of my mouth on the right hand side which didn’t have a brace on so I used them to bite things on, which is was great but a pain because it took me hours to eat and I looked like a baby that had to eat with there mouth open. But it is important that you start to eat on your teeth because the pain will heal quicker as your teeth will in the end get used to them. Anyway, as time went on my teeth began to feel normal again and it was great, I was able to eat normal food again and the pain went away completely!! After a few weeks I was even able to eat sweets and crisps again. Although it is important not to eat too many sweets and POP! I have such a crave for pop, I drink it too often and my teeth have got marks on from it which is soo bad for my age. So my advice would definitely to cut down on pop or drink threw a straw when possible. To be honest, it doesn’t even feel like I have braces on now, it is completely fine and totally worth it for the finish look! Some of my friends even say I still forget you have braces, maybe this is because I don’t smile a lot but haha.

Having your braces tightened however brings back your first fear of having braces put on. It is like having them put on all over again, your teeth ache a lot and you can’t eat for a few days however it is literally only three – four days. Drink lots of warm drinks and take pain killers. Also take a pain killer just before you get to the dentist to have them tightened. I am getting my braces tightened tomorrow for the second time, so it will be my third type of wire now!! Dreading but I have stocked up on easy to get foods and I’m keeping positive.

If you want/need braces definitely go for it!! It’s not as bad and you will love the outcome. You will regret it if you don’t because you don’t know until you try! Don’t worry, everyone looks and feels exactly the same with braces you don’t be the odd one out, I pinky promise x

If your wondering I am wearing Mac Candy Yum-Yum Lipstick 🙂


24 thoughts on “Braces are not as bad as you think :)

  1. From your pictures, I had no idea you have braces! I’ve had them and they sucked, but you’re right, it isn’t that bad. While you want the pink, I always wanted the clear rubber bands so that they were less noticeable. My dentist only had the brightest colors so I always had blue or red. The end result is worth it! But only if you wear the retainer. I totally did not. Lol


  2. Had braces too, first few days were very painful and you stated could only eat certain food however I got used to it and the pain eased. Had it for a little more than a year, worth it.


  3. Yeah, I agree with you, they are a pain the first few days but after that, you can eat pretty much anything you want, I had braces for a year, I really needed work done, but I also wanted it done quickly, and the doctor told me to brace my self (pun intended) because I was in for a lot of pain, and it wasn’t that bad, just take some ibuprofen if the pain is unbearable, but other than that, it’s pretty much like you said.


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