It’s Completely Fine Not To Wear Makeup


Every girl once in a while needs to be able to feel comfortable not to wear makeup for a few weeks or so. We are all human, we all get spots and none of us have perfect skin. So it’s ok not to wear makeup. Sometimes, it’s good to let the skin breathe for a while. It’s also a positive for spots. Once you do it once, you’ll get used to it and want to do it more often, as it makes you feel a lot better in your self and helps to build up your self confidence. Even, putting a little bit of foundation on or some fake tan to brighten up your face is better, I like to do this a lot. No one should feel the need to point out another person’s spots because they can’t help it, it is natural, they grow on there own account, when they want and we can not do anything about it. Some people have more than others, but that doesn’t make them “ugly”. I hate to see girls being pressurised by others or society to wear makeup because they think they look ugly without it or because they have too many spots or bags. I mean I hate my bags but I suppose it’s my own fault because I need to sleep more. But theres nothing wrong with putting a little cover stick on them. What I am trying to stress is, no one is ugly with or without makeup. Don’t get me wrong, I love putting makeup on because it’s like a little hobby and I enjoy wearing it as do many but to others whom feel they have to wear it, NO you don’t 🙂 Try putting on less each week to build your confidence up. Embrace your face and spots. Be happy with who you are!! AND… don’t try to copy these fake celebrity pictures, which are definitely edited ten times over. There makeup and body will look completely different in person.


17 thoughts on “It’s Completely Fine Not To Wear Makeup

  1. I totally agree. I used to feel like I needed makeup but everyone really just worries about their own faces not yours! It feels nice to be free and makeupless. Lol look I made up a word! I like the message you are sending!


  2. I apoligize I’ve commented before as well! Just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for a bloggers award! Check my blog out tomorrow at 12 pm to see the full post. I hope you have a lovely day! 🙂


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