Happy Shopping



IMG_8748 IMG_8749

Today’s shop was a success. I purchased items I have never purchased before like the Coco butter Natural Bronze, which I am hoping is going to be more successful than normal fake tan which stinks!! Hopefully it is going to smell more like coco butter rather than fake tan. I also purchased the Boots original coconut & almond lotion to put on afterwards, to try get rid of the instant smell before my shower the next day.

How cute is my cake I decided to buy myself which says “your fab” and as everyone will know I tend to use the word fab a lot haha! It’s so cute and small and I started eating it around the shops haha. However it was like Β£3.50, which is a rip off for such a small cake but I love icing so I thought I would treat myself, as you do.

I have also never tried the Seventeen miracle matte powder and I was in need of some more powder so I decided to go with the reviews and try it.

And on the way there I grabbed a Subway breakfast and hot chocolate, which was fab! Ooopies, that word again. I always have to have some kind of hot drink to wake me up and get me ready for the day! Also, as recently started to drink more hot drinks each morning and night I’ve found that I haven’t had tonsillitis in ages!! I used to get it every month, so I think more hot drinks is much better!

Shopping Items:
TRESemme Hair Products:

Seventeen Powder:

Coco Butter Bronze:

Mac Makeup:

Boots Original Coco Lotion:

I am also wearing…
Micheal Kors Bag:

Black leather jacket:

Grey Long Top:

Black Jeans:

Choker Necklace, Bracelet & Ring:



14 thoughts on “Happy Shopping

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