Favourite Lipstick


Today, I purchased some new lipstick, now I am not fond of lipstick because I don’t think they suit me at all and I can never apply it correctly but today I found one that I love and it was a bargain. It is from Superdrug and it is Miss Sporty in High Red. Miss Sporty is literally the cheapest makeup in Boots but I love it. You can get exactly the same look with a Miss Sporty lipstick as you can with a Mac lipstick costing pounds and pounds. This was £2.50 or something crazy!! I have never been keen on spending money on makeup and this is the reason why. But if your that type then that’s ok, everyone choses to spend money on different things 🙂

It applies so easily, in the sense it doesn’t come on too thick so you are apply to spread it on your lips evenly. I think this is the first time I’ve been able to apply lipstick correctly, haha. One of the reasons I hate lipsticks is because I always seem to get it everywhere when I’m eating or drinking and it drives me insane. Not worth it in my opinion but I do love a good lipgloss. Anyway, enough about the downfalls about lipsticks, I love this one!!


I am also wearing…
Wake Me Up Rimmel London In Natural Beige: http://uk.rimmellondon.com
Nail Varnish In geranium: http://www.essie.co.uk
Mac Bronzer: http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk


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