Tuesday 3rd March


I just thought I’d ask, does anyone know any techniques for painting your nails? Mine always seem to chip within days of painting them. I’ve been meaning to get a cover up to go over them but I’m unsure on which one to purchase. However I do love, love, love this colour nails at the moment especially with tan. It is a Rimmel London lasting finish. These little bottles of nail varnish seem to last me ages, which is one of the things I love about Rimmel London. Although it does chip, probably because I’m not careful afterwards, it definitely applies the best to my nails and the finish look, looks even. £3.69 – http://uk.rimmellondon.com

I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t take a previous picture when I had just painted my nails rather than when they are looking a bit chipped but oh well, nothings perfect :). IMG_4307

So this morning I decided to give my feet a pamper using my foot mask. I have never tried one of these before but I tell you what they are great. When I first stepped my foot into one of the sock things it felt so weird, as in I was stepping into a bath full of slush, it was freezing too. But after a while I got used to it. I found that the socks were a bit big so I tied a bobble around my ankles to ensure the cream didn’t escape. After leaving it on the full 20 minutes my feet were smelling great, like peaches haha. You don’t even need to wash it off like you do with a face mask, you simply take the socks off and the cream should of soaked into your feet, leaving them feeling smooth. They are great for feet that get dry skin or simply because you wish your feet to feel smooth, like I do. Again, these are a bargain and you all know how much I love bargains, I believe it was around 79p!!! I will definitely be purchasing another few of these. – http://www.boots.com

I am very keen on trying the one from Peach and Lily, if anyone has tried it and recommends it, hallo me. – http://www.peachandlily.com


9 thoughts on “Tuesday 3rd March

  1. again, I’m so jealous your tan looks so great!
    my fake tan is so rubbish always goes patchy 😦 any advice?? or could you do a blog on it, that would be so great and helpful for many I’m sure !! 😀 x


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