My gym equipment & being “healthy”

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Ok, I have been asked a number of times where I get my gym clothing from, so I thought I would kindly share it with you all. Lately, I haven’t been going to the gym simply because I’ve been too busy to go but I have tried to fit some exercises in at home on my gym matt. IMG_4506 My gym shoes are from… Primark, these trainers definitely do not look like they are from Primark, its amazing haha. Primark are definitely creating better clothes now!! I love it. I most go into Primark at least twice a week, as I now live near a big city centre. I believe these shoes were £12.00, I can’t quote myself on that though as I can’t remember but they are cheap. I love the pattern they have added to the shoe, they look quite summery but oh well summer makes me happy so. IMG_4502 IMG_9873 IMG_4831 My pink crop top is from Primark as are my pink and black joggy pants. The pants come up to your ankles and are a tight but comfy fit. Again, they were both very cheap products. I think the crop top was £4.00 and the pants were a little more but only £10.00 or something crazyyyy. It’s best to save money and buy an item that looks exactly like the expensive ones especially if you are training in them and will get them dirty. (Munching away on sweets in my gym gear is class) –

Pink Weights My small pink weights are from Sainsburys I believe haha. My mum got me them for my birthday as a small present. They look really small and really light but they are actually quite heavy for the size they are. But they are soo useful when you want to workout from home for a couple of minutes. Also I’m not trying to gain BIG muscles but some muscle so small weights do so just fine. I find using small weights but doing more of them is better.

Nike Pro The Nike Pro shorts are from Nike. They were a present from my Brother, we order them online as I think they have a better selection of colours and styles online. I especially wanted the black and grey ones, so we had to wait a few days until they had my size. Although they look like child’s shorts and are super tight they do not feel tight or hurt. I think sports shorts are meant to be like that and look better. As you all know I hate baggy pants. I am currently waiting on a NikePro crop top to go with it however my size seems to fly by and I never get a chance to order. NikePro are definitely my favourite sports collection.

The pink yoga matt is from – These are definitely the comfiest matts, before I was exercising on my floor which was awful!! Now my back does not hurt and I am able to do exercises on my back. The matts are quite thick which gives it that extra comfort and they also come with a small, long bag that you can roll it up and put it in to carry it if you attend yoga classes.

Tracksuit Lastly, the grey tracksuit is from Primark!! I am ega to get the black set of this, which is pointless but they are comfiest things ever. Jacket – £6.00 Pants – £6.000 –


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