Natural makeup look


Ignore the weird hand pose, I sooooo need to stop doing ridiculous posses for the camera. I am finding myself having more and more “natural” makeup days simply because I can’t be bothered haha. But I enjoy the natural look. Here I have on, No7 Stay Perfect Foundation in warm ivory. I don’t usually wear colours as light as this because I like to apply fake tan but on the days when I’m not wearing fake tan this colour suits my skin the best. It’s always important to match your face and neck (well it is for me). This foundation I feel stays for a good few hours without fading, which is always a plus. Another plus is that it doesn’t make my face look dry or flake. Literally, that is ALL I’m wearing on my face, quick and eassssssy!

My nail varnish is Rimmel London and I purchased this from Superdrug. Rimmel London overall is definitely my favourite makeup, I don’t normally purchase nail varnishes because I get given so many on my birthday or christmas. I applied the nail varnish a few days ago and it is still going strong and I’ve had several showers, also I only applied ONE cover, which is fab.

My nose recently has begun to flake which is soooo annoying, does anyone know any creams for this!?

Foundation –

Nail Varnish –

I found these tips at –


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