Wide awake when you shouldn’t be :( 

Don’t you just hate it when your wide awake at some ungodly hour. It is currently 2.55am which is ridiculous but if any of you are currently at University then I’m sure you’ve seen times past this!! It is crazy, I can assure you most of the people in my building will be awake or out. It’s like a whole new world here at University. So I have just made myself some really tasty cheesy chips, I think I am craving these more and more nowadays, I just can’t get enough of cheese. Guys, this probably won’t help you sleep but it’s real tasty 🙂

I usually find it helpful to but some quiet music on (very quiet, else you will wake your brain up more) or maybe even the radio. So more reason I like to sleep with my curtains open slightly makes me feel better. I also had a nice warm shower tonight which usually makes me a little more sleepy, unfortunately I do not have a bath at my flat which is depresssing, so every time I go home I have like 4 baths and I always make sure I bring some Lush bath Bombs home with me!! It’s like legal to have a bath without one these days.

The random scratch on my leg is due to me being stupid and placing the hair dryer downwards on my leg and sort of pushing it on whilst it was on, I mean who does that!? I think I simply wanted to know how it felt, if it was warm or not (stupid, course it is). Hopefully this will go ASAP.

Anyway if anyone has any useful tips for sleeeeeeeeping much then please fill me in as I am rubbish at it however I am class at sleeping through the day and when I’m meant to be at uni (don’t do that ever, your paying a lot of money to lay in bed).


18 thoughts on “Wide awake when you shouldn’t be :( 

  1. Lavender is supposed to help with sleeping. You can get in the form of a pillow spray and spray it on your pillow to make you sleep faster. I’ve used it and liked it a lot. Or you could drink warm milk before bed. Or if you’re not tired at night, don’t just lie in bed. I think your body gets used to it just lying there and not sleeping, so that it will do that every night which isn’t helpful. So if you’re not sleepy, do something else. Don’t just lie in bed. These tips have helped me. Lmk if they help you!

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