Cute metallic “tattoo’s” review


How cute are these temporary metallic tat’s that I purchased online! Because I am a wimp and I’m not too keen on ever getting a real tattoo, I thought why not get temporary ones so if worst comes to worst and I don’t like it then in the end they will easily come off. My favourite one out of this pack is definitely the hasma hand, I have seen this hand recently on many products. Not quite sure where I am going to stick them yet but I think ill wait until the weather is better or even when I’m on holiday, as I think they will look super pretty and cute. I have also purchased some body jewellery to go with them, as I think they will suit really well for the warm weather/beach.

Last year when I went to Greece I got a henna tattoo, which was meant to be brown not black, because the black ones are BAD for you and can leave a print on your skin, so never ever get them!!! However because some people in this world aren’t very trustable as the tattoo came out black, I was devastated and upset. It ruined the rest of my holiday as I was constantly thinking what if. I had to keep it out of the sun the whole holiday, and me being silly I got it on my chest!!! BUT fortunately the henna did no harm to my skin, however it did take blooming ages for it go, it was only recently it completely faded off, therefore it stayed on for around 7 months. I had a little tan too, so the henna print was really white and then around it was tanned skin, it was awful. This is probably the reason why I will never get a tattoo.

Quick question, does anyone know where to get a white crop top with a gold isn hasma hand on it!? I have seen it on Instagram and now I can’t remember what website it was called 😦
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