When your feeling down about yourself…

Photo on 19-10-2014 at 19.31

If your ever feeling down about yourself/your body, then grab a face mask (probably not the chocolate flavour like the one I have on in the picture, it was a disaster), put it on, grab your cucumbers and breathe.

Locate to your nearest “sweet stash” (every human should have one of these, mine is dreadful), if you don’t then root through your kitchen until you find something really fattening, like marshmallows!! Sit and eat it ALL without a care in the world.

Do something really girly, like painting your nails, preferably not the way I have painted mine, as I suck at painting my nails however I have only ever worn fake nails ONCE, applied by myself which is probably why I hate them. But maybe one day I will go and get them done professionally.

And… STAY OFF the media for a little while.

You should never feel down about the way you look because everyone is different and has there own unique look. NEVER EVER bring yourself down or get upset when seeing all these beautiful girls and figures all of instagram, its like a hobby looking through instagram for hot figures of girls that don’t even exist (rarely). I have finally come to terms with the reasons half of the pictures are perfect is because they are edited, veryyyyyy cleverly. If you have ever seen a before and after photo, you’ll know what I’m talking about it. It’s pretty annoying how girls as young as 12 are put under such pressure by the media, simply because of all these photos that are usually edited. Don’t get me wrong, there are some stunning “celebs” out there with killer bodies I’m sure but why not upload pictures without editing them beforehand, they are most likely fine the way they are. I used to sit on instagram each night and see all these stunning figures and faces and get overly jealous. I used to think why can’t I look like that, why does my body not look like that in pictures after I’ve been to the gym or what not. The media and society is lacking in priorities.

But girls (and boys haha) seriously you ARE fine you way you are!! We all go through this stage at one point, so don’t be ashamed to say you have and help someone else. Accepting your self appearance and feeling good about yourself should not be condemned as “big headed”, many of us are afraid of this. Be the one who stands out.


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