Not sure where I would be without my Olay



I’m 100% sure that everyone has that one item they can’t get enough of and don’t bother trying anything new. For me this is my Olay beauty fluid, this literally runs in the family. My mum, my sister and me all use this on daily and nightly basis. For years, we have purchased this. It is a cream that is used on your face to ensure it feels smooth rather than dry, which is why I tend to use it in a morning after I have washed my wash and at night after I have taken my makeup off because I hate the feel of my face afterwards. Although I know that this isn’t in any means a primer but I feel it has the same affect as one as it a lot cheaper and lasts much longer!! It is definitely a got to have classic. If they ever stop stocking this I will literally cry and will have to venture out for a new one. I have seen a lot of people using skin care products that are usually in a greenish box or packet, I’m not sure what they are called, does anyone know?

ALSO, I never really get spots on my face, maybe this is something to do with the cream that I have used on it everyday since I was little, hm…
Brought from – (£5.00)


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